8 Tips To Download Paid/Premium Apps And Games On Android For Free

8 Tips To Download Paid/Premium Apps And Games On Android For Free

8 tips to download premium/paid apps and games for free on AndroidIf you’re looking for a trusted means to get paid Android apps for free, then you’re at the right place. Apart from promotions from Google and Amazon, many third-party websites and apps keep offering apps for free or heavy discounts. Use should use these methods to save money and avoid indulging in piracy.

If you ask Android device users why they love their devices and the OS, one obvious answer you will get is the truckloads of apps! Google Play and other third-party app stores are replete with millions of apps covering niches like entertainment, finance, telephony, office productivity and much more.
However, most people do not like buying apps on Google Play Store. In this article, I will show you how to download paid Android apps and games for free, legally of course. Let’s roll.

8 Tips To Download Paid/Premium Apps And Games On Android For Free

1. Amazon

Amazon Logo
Everybody knows that Amazon is multi-national ecommerce company, which earns billions of dollars. This popular ecommerce company often gives away paid application at free of cost or sometime at very low price. For example, just few days back, Amazon has given away 33 paid Android apps for free.
Not only Android, but also Amazon often gives away paid iOS apps for free to their consumers. You can easily download and use APK file from Amazon website and use them right away.

2. Google Opinion Rewards

This is another awesome and easiest way to get rewards from Google and download paid apps for free. It works in a different way. This is not possible to download paid apps for free directly.
At first, you need to download Google Opinion Rewards app on your Android mobile, which is running Android 2.3.3 or later version. After that, you will have to finish some surveys. Don’t worry, these surveys are provided by Google. Therefore, there is no chance to get attacked by malware, what general happens on the web.
After completing surveys, you will get rewards of $1. If any application or game costs only $1, you can purchase that right away. However, if you need more reward in your account to buy a costly app, you may need to finish more surveys, what will be provided by Google itself.
Nevertheless, Google Opinion Rewards app is not available in all countries. As of now, this is available in selected countries i.e. US, UK etc.

3. AppGratis

AppGratis for Android
This is another way to download paid Android apps for free as well as with discount. You can download paid apps as an “app-of-the-day” basis. On the other hand, this app provides up to 90% discount on paid apps and games, which is quite rare. AppGratis is available for Android 2.3 and later version and the size of this app is only 5.7MB.
PlayStoreSales is your one-stop place for being updated with the latest sales on Google Play Store Apps. It also has a section where it lists all the paid apps that are now free to download. You can keep up with this website to see if there are any apps you are interested in, free or not. You might not find any awesome titles like in Amazon Underground, but it is definitely worth a look.
If you don’t mind spending a few bucks or are looking to spend your cash wisely, then PlayStoreSales is a good option. You can join its newsletter, and you will be greeted with all the new apps on sale or that are become free. The sales can heat cut down as much as 85% of the actual price.

If you really want to buy your favorite app and can’t find it anywhere on websites that host free apps, then you might have to struggle a bit to get it. Google Opinion Rewards is an app that will send surveys to you to fill out and get paid in Google Play Store credits of up to $0.99. This might not be much, but it adds up quickly, and you might be ready to get your $20 app in just a few months.
On average, Google sends one survey a week; this can be more or less frequent depending on your location, activities and answered surveys. Some people even receive more than one survey each day. If you are into a lot of activity and always answer surveys honestly, you may get your favorite app in just a few weeks.

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However, this app might not be available in some countries, so do check that before dancing with joy. If you are one of the unlucky ones, you might want to try Get Paid Apps Free. This app lets you complete different offers like watching videos, downloading or using apps, etc., and pays dollars on your virtual prepaid Visa card. This amount can be used in Google Play Store and anywhere online as well, but it might take more effort than Google Opinions Rewards to make some cash.

8. Aptoide

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