Top 11 Best WWE Games For Android/iOS

Top 11 Best WWE Games For Android/iOS

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Top 11 Best WWE Games For Android/iOS. Contained in this post is Top 11 WWE Games WWE Games In Andriod. WWE games are getting very popular nowadays! It offers the best fighting experience as you can punch, kick, grab & can use weapons too! That’s why I decided to make a list on Top 11 WWE Games For Android/iOS! 

 Let’s take a look at the 11 Best WWE Games For Android.


Top 11 Best WWE Games For Android/iOS

1. WWE 2K

Top 5 WWE Games For Android/iOS Download
WWE 2k Android: Sheamus vs. Big Show

WWE 2k Android is the most popular and authentic wrestling games for android smartphones. It has the most intensed powerful action packed gameplay with raw emotion graphics. You can easily create your superstar the way you have always wanted it and also endorse into online multiplayer mode with your friends for a fierce wrestling. This Games has been rated by many and thus it has been proved to be the best. The swipe control allows you to easily battle with your opponent. Enter into the career mode of WWE 2k and take your superstars through the WWE Journey.


 The game has 4.0 rating in Google playstore and over 100 thousand people downloaded this games from the Google playstore.

2. TNA Wrestling iMPACT

TNA Wrestling Impact WWE Games For Android
TNA Wrestling Impact: Hulk Hogan vs. Sting
TNA Wrestling Impact is another popular wrestling game for android phones. If there’s any addictive wrestling game you should be playing, then it’s TNA Wrestling impact. This game has the most superb graphics and stunning wrestler.In this game you will be able to feel yourselves like a real wrestler. There are about 24 heroes in this game including the popular Hulk Hogan. TNA impact allows you to adjust your character, from appearance to the style of the fight. You are expected to perform set of techniques, combo blows, and also effective fatality blows. Easily send your character to passing of a career mode and also win against opponent after opponent, you will gradually collect all possible belts. With the most stunning 3D graphics you surely will love this game. 


However TNA impact is no longer available on the google playstore so use the download to get it from an external server.

3. WWE Mayhem

WWE Mayhem – It has to be in Top 5 WWE Games for Android/iOS! It gather a team of the world’s wrestling stars and fight against numerous opponents in the struggle for the title of a champion and get rich prizes. In this Android game you will experience exciting battles against wrestlers from all over the world. Take your hero on the ring and apply incredible dashes, hits, jumps and other combat maneuvers. Dodge enemy attacks and knock out your opponents to get a victory and impress fans. Get incredible prizes for victories, add new wrestlers to your team, take part in the championships of different levels.
Download WWE Game Android
Top 5 WWE Games For Android/iOS

4. Real Wrestling 3D

Best Wrestling Games For Android Real Wrestling
Android Gameplay: Real Wrestling 3D

Real wrestling is the first 3D wrestling games to hit the android platform. The game has the most stunning 3D graphics. With a Jaw dropping 3D graphics, intuitive touch controls, and action packed game play, you can easily create a unique wwe combat experience. As fight using a variety of revolution grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and take downs, joint locks, pins to gain and maintain a superior position over your opponent now. WWE 2K features an authentic actions and realistic wrestling moves, also it displays a 3D motion animations and spot on sound design. There are over 140+ unique wrestlers in pro league and cage match mode. Currently over 5 million people downloaded this game from the Google play store.
Top 5 WWE Games For Android/iOS
Top 5 WWE Games For Android/iOS

5. Wrestling Revolution 3D

Best Android Wrestling Games
Wrestling revolution is undoubtedly another popular 3D biggest wrestling games for android smartphone. The game features a wrestling career challenge that allows you to take a shot in the ring. Whereas you can enter into the booking career mode which allows you to call the shots backstage. Wrestling revolution features the most 3D stunning graphics ever with an interactive tutorial that aids you to use the best controls. Wrestling revolution 3D has been optimized with the best performance as high as possible in other to fit any android smartphone. 

With a 4.1 rating and over 10 million people who downloaded this game from the google playstore, surely it has proved to be one of the best 3D wrestling ever made for android phones.
Top 5 WWE Games For Android/iOS
Top 5 WWE Games For Android/iOS

6. Rockpocalypse

Granted, it may not be available on the Play Store anymore but that fact does little to take away the awesome factor of WWE Presents: Rockoicalypse. Plus, is there any wrestling fan on earth that doesn’t go gaga over the wrestling phenomenon that is the Rock?
Rockpocalypse sees you play as the Rock (which is pretty darn obvious by now) on a mission to obliterate enemy forces who have taken control of his film set, which is conveniently called Studio 51.

7. WWE Supercard

Remember the days when we spent almost all our pocket money on WWE trading cards, thinking that it was the best investment ever? Well, it was a pretty good way to spend money, but then adulthood came in the way. Once again, thanks to technology, we can rekindle those wonderful memories through WWE Supercard without our wallet taking a major hit.
Not only do you have access to over 700 cards, but also a whole universe of people to pit your cards against. Of course, the ability to unlock even more cards and win even more rewards adds to the game’s hook factor. Not to forget the King of the Ring tournament, which enables 16 players to battle each other for many exciting hours.
All in all, WWE Supercard and all its awesomeness totally justifies its status as one of the 5 best WWE games with free download for Android. What’s stopping you from downloading it?

8. WWE Immortals
There’s no better game, to sum up, the list of 5 best WWE games with free download for Android than WWE Immortals. Why give Call of Duty and its zombies all the importance when WWE has something equally brilliant in its kitty?
Set in a supernatural world, WWE Immortals enables you to play as your favourite wrestler and wield some extremely destructive immortal powers. Warner Bros did a really brilliant job of including some Mortal Kombat elements into Immortals, creating a truly clutter breaking game in the process.
All you Android users cum WWE fans, this is one game you must have. Download it if you haven’t already.

9. WWE Champions

WWE Champions is a puzzle-fighter hybrid. It features a match-three mechanic. You simply match three shapes of any type. Doing so will cause your superstar to perform moves. The first one with a depleted health bar loses. It's a little cheesy for a game around an entertainment medium about fighting. However, it does do a good job killing a few minutes. The freemium aspect is a little bit unsavory, though. Otherwise, it's one of the simpler WWE games.

10. WWE Tap Mania

WWE Tap Mania is a WWE game by SEGA. It features card collecting mechanics and cartoon graphics. The mechanics are easy enough to learn. Unlockable characters are also upgradeable. It even features voice overs from Michael Cole and Corey Graves. It is a sim more than anything. Your characters fight even while the phone is off. Thus, it doesn't take a whole lot to play this one. It's also a freemium game so expect the usual pitfalls when it comes to that.

11. WWE 2k18

 It has to be in Top 11 Best WWE Games for Android/iOS! WWE 2K18 APK Data+ OBB download For Android. Android application package or APK is defined as a package of file format designed for the Android platform. Various apps and games are coming in APK format which can be downloaded and installed from our phone memory. Especially the games are highly preferred by users to download in APK format.
Download WWE Game Android

In as much as there are tons of addictive android wrestling games you can play, we’ve benchmark the best among them for you. The 11 best wwe games for android we listed above has the most stunning graphics the addictive sound quality. You certainly won’t get over nor develop a phobia towards them.

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