Top 19 Best First Person Shooter - FPS Games For Android

best android fps games
These are the 19 top best first person shooter games for Android in 2018. If you’re an FPS Game fan that loves getting headshots, try these titles today. These games are just wonderful as this will be giving you the great shooting experience. So read out the full post to discover the best Android FPS Games.


The FPS games in our roundup below will keep you busy for hours. They’ll have you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next zombie to shoot, a grenade to throw, or dangerous mission to complete. Here’s a quick list of 19 best android first person shooter game for those interested. Then, full details and download links for each game is in our slideshow below.

    Best Shooter Games for Android

    1. PUBG Mobile
    2. Critical Ops
    3. Modern Strike Online
    4. Guns Of Boom
    5. Nova 3: Freedom Editon
    6. Bullet Force
    7. Hitman: Sniper
    8. Combat Squad
    9. Modern Combat 5: Blackout
    10. Overkill 3
    11. Unkill
    12. Dead Trigger
    13. Dead Plague
    14. Major Mayhem
    15. Gunman Clive
    16. Into The Dead 2
    17. Left To Survive
    18. Trainer.io Offline Fortnite

    19. Resident Evil 5

    Top 19 Best First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games for Android

    Underneath I have selected 19 Best First-Person Shooter for android and you will love to play these games as I have selected these games on the basis of their download rates, user reviews and some of my personal experience.

    PUBG Mobile

    PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battleground) is the latest epic shooter to land in the Google Play Store. There's been a lot of hype surrounding this game which still seems to be straddling the line between a beta and full release.
    This is a battle royale game that drops 100 players onto the map with no supplies or weapons. Each player must fend for themselves and quickly loot nearby buildings for gear. Once you're ready to fight, you have the freedom to play how you want — go in guns blazing like Rambo, or sneak around like a deadly assassin. The map is massive and scattered with drivable cars, small towns to explore, and secrets to discover. You can play all by yourself in Solo mode or team up with some friends for Duo or Squad mode.
    It's all free to play, and the in-game currency is only used for a cosmetic upgrade — think a cool pair of shades for your character. Check it out!

    Critical Ops

    Critical Ops is still in Beta, but it's still worth checking out. Right now, there are three game modes to choose from: bomb defusing, team deathmatch, and gun game where you cycle through different weapons every time you kill an opponent. Despite still being in, this game is really good.
    It's kind of got that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare vibe to it, mixed with a healthy dose of CounterStrike to create a best-of-both-worlds scenario that offers great graphics and really solid controls. It's free to play with in-app purchases available but you can only buy skins for your guns and the developers have assured players that this game will never be pay-to-win. If that remains the case, then Critical Ops is absolutely one of the best shooters available for Android! MUST READ: DOWNLOAD LATEST GAMESTECHY BLOG ANDROID APP V1.2

    Modern Strike Online

    Not interested in anything other than the thrill of online multiplayer? Modern Strike Online offers just that: a pure online FPS experience packed with features and game modes we've come to expect from the genre. Once you've leveled up some you unlock all six game modes, which include the standard fare you'd expect — free-for-all, team deathmatch, seek and destroy, and a hardcore mode. In-game currency can be bought via in-app purchases or earned via daily rewards, crates and generally kicking ass. Spend your gold and credits on new weapons, armor, and accessories for your character. There's a decent amount of customization available for kitting, with over 30 types of weapons available to rent or buy.
    It's as complete an FPS as you'll find on Android. You'll want to head into the settings first to customize your controls and screen layout and tweak the graphics quality to optimize gameplay on your device. By default, your gun will auto-fire as soon as an enemy enters your crosshairs — you can switch this off in the settings, but it's actually a pretty handy feature to have when you're already using your thumbs to move and look around. Yes, there's the occasional in-game ad and constant pressure to invest real cash, as is the case with most mobile games these days, but it's not terribly invasive and there's plenty of fun and loot to be had relying on the free crates and daily rewards.

    Guns of Boom

    Guns of Boom is a bright and colorful cartoony first-person shooter that doesn't take itself too seriously while still delivering one of the purest competitive online shooter games for Android. The game gets all the basics right that you want from a good FPS — quick and responsive controls that are customizable, well-designed maps and weapons that allow for adaptive gameplay, and a healthy community of players.
    Matches are 4-vs-4 deathmatches which take place in vibrant and colorful maps that allow for a mix of rush assaults, close quarters combat, and long-range sniping. One of Guns of Boom's biggest strengths is how easy it is to load up the app and jump right into the game. Alternatively, you can spend time in the menus connecting with friends or organizing with a clan, or dive into the Arsenal to buy and upgrade new weapons and health kits using in-game cash and gold. To that end, Guns of Boom may give you the feeling that it's pay-to-win and that might be the case once you get up to Level 30 with the hardcore players who may have invested up to $100 or more into the game. But the game is super generous with cash and powerups if you work towards completing daily challenges and grind away.
    If you can work your way up to Level 22, you are invited to try out the new Guns of Boom esports tournament being launched this year. A new Pro-mode was announced in late 2017, and we've learned that ESL Gaming will host the inaugural Guns of Boom esport tournament with $200,000 in prizes available to be won. There are qualifying tournaments for North America and European players which start on June 9th.

    N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

    N.O.V.A. 3 picks up the story of former N.O.V.A. commander Kal Wardin as he crashlands in San Francisco amid an ongoing battle. Gameplay is mixed with cutscenes that tell the fairly in-depth story — it might, in fact, be the reason you keep coming back to N.O.V.A. 3.
    Play against enemy A.I. units or play multiplayer over local Wi-Fi or the internet. Gameloft implements some measures against cheaters and boosters, namely encouraging players to record or document the actions of said cheaters.
    Controls are responsive and targeting is aided by tapping a button to aim down sights, a nice feature for those with big fingers. There are some ads displayed on the menu screens and a popup once in awhile when you die, but nothing the experienced mobile gamer can't handle.

    Bullet Force

    Looking for nothing more than solid online FPS action? Look no further than Bullet Force!
    This game supports 20-player battles and includes popular game modes including Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Free-For-All, and Gun Game. The graphics are pretty great for mobile and the on-screen controls can be tweaked as needed. There are over 20 weapons to unlock and customize and if you're out of service range, don't fret! You can play offline matches against bots and keep your skills sharp.

    Hitman: Sniper

    Hitman: Sniper finds you, Agent 47, stationed with a sniper rifle outside an estate filled with rich people, bodyguards, and a certain high-priority target. Your job is to take your time, plan a course of action, and begin removing enemies any way you see fit (as long as it's through a scope). Each mission has different objectives you can complete for extra money, which you can then spend on weapon upgrades and new sniper rifles. If you're especially proud of a mission, use the Share Replay function to share gameplay footage with your friends.
    This game has nice graphics and great mechanics: you must lead enemies who are on the move and must account for their sometimes unforeseen actions. They will not shoot back but will take cover and move around the map attempting to help your prime target escape. Controls are easy and responsive, meaning you won't have too much trouble lining up the shot. The music is great, especially when you miss a couple of shots and set off some alarms, and the voice acting is also above par for mobile games. Get your heart beating with this great shooter, and enjoy no ads or in-app purchases.

    Combat Squad

    Tired of mobile first-person shooters that feel too familiar — almost cookie-cutter? Combat Squad brings an extra layer of tactical strategy to the table by having you control your own squad in one-on-one battles against online opponents. It works by letting you "dive" in and out of controlling your squad members, while the remaining teammates follow your lead via A.I. control.
    You'll need to build up a diverse squad and strategically control each member of your team to achieve victory. The gameplay and controls here are great, so if you're looking for a fresh take on the genre for mobile, give Combat Squad a try!

    Modern Combat 5: Blackout

    Did someone replace my phone with a console? Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a first-person military shooter that gives you a real video game experience from the palm of your hand. Beginning with an escape mission in Venice, the campaign follows Caydan Phoenix as he travels the world battling Raiders and the World Liberation Army. Customize your soldier's loadout and special abilities to best suit your playstyle — more options are unlocked as you rank up.
    Gameplay is smooth and the controls are easier to manage than most shooters, likely due to the fact you can modify all settings, including audio, control, and HUD. Modern Combat 5 has beautiful graphics for a mobile game and runs without hiccups on an LG G4.

    New to Modern Combat 5 is a PvP multiplayer mode that has five game modes: Free for all, VIP, Squad battle, Capture the flag, Zone control, and Team battle. Test your skills against players around the world and work your way up the global leaderboard. This game has minimal ads, though it does have some micro-transactions.

    Overkill 3

    Overkill 3 is a third-person shooter that guides you through the level, also known as being on rails. Your job is to aim and shoot bad guys. Sounds easy? Overkill lets you choose a difficulty before each boss fight, meaning your recent disposal of entry-position bad guys has no bearing on what is to come.
    Choose a loadout from the armory before each mission and unlock new weapons and gear as you progress through the game. You must collect stars by completing specific objectives during each mission — the stars are used to unlock more missions. A tally at the end of each level keeps track of your progress, so you'll never be unsure of where you stand.
    Graphics are not as great as other shooters, but Overkill 3 features a co-op mode that lets you team up with a friend or random player to crush the enemy. Ads are few and far between, but there are many in-app purchases.


    Unkilled takes you on a wild, zombie-killing ride with a variety of enemies for you to slay using a variety of weapons. Some missions require different weapons and gadgets, meaning you must enter your armory to upgrade current weapons and purchase new ones. There are plenty of upgrades and weapons rewarded to you for free as you move through the ranks, and you will feel like you're achieving something each step of the way.
    The controls are easy to use and sensitivities are adjustable. Your weapons will shoot automatically when you are aiming at a zombie except when you're in a static mission; here you will aim and shoot using both thumbs.
    There are two play modes available now — campaign and skirmish ops — with multiplayer apparently coming soon. Skirmish Ops pits you and your base against other players and zombies. Defend yourself or go on the offensive; either way, you will find yourself moving up the leaderboard as you expend bullets and bash brains.
    Ads are infrequent but in-app purchases are everywhere.

    Dead Trigger 2

    Dead Trigger 2 continues to be the quintessential zombie-shooting experience on mobile. The graphics are amazing, though the game hardly takes itself seriously — there are lots of tongue-in-cheek references and over-the-top baddies to mow down. This version is a little different in that players now have their own hideout and a crew that can build stuff for them. The controls have also been streamlined for touch; all you have to do is move the crosshairs over a zombie, and if you're in range, you'll automatically start shooting.
    There are tons of missions to enjoy, and the in-app purchases have been scaled back with the removal of the premium currency — now you can buy and build everything yourself without spending a cent.

    Dead Plague

    Dead Plague is an outstanding top-down shooter that absolutely deserves a place on this list for its brilliant graphics, frantic gameplay, and support for online co-op play. You play as a member of a strike team that's been dropped on an island where a zombie plague has broken out. You must fight your way through the swarms of zombies to find the DNA samples that are humanity's only hope of finding a cure.
    There's a nice variety of enemies to battle, including some epic boss battles, along with a full arsenal of weapons to choose from. With tight dual-stick digital controls and an engaging campaign that you can play alone or online with friends, Dead Plague stands out as one of the best shooters for Android.

    Major Mayhem

    Major Mayhem is a fast, simple run-and-gun side-scroller. Players simply tap on ninjas, secret agents, or whoever else the president has commanded you to wipe out. There's some kind of storyline in there about a girlfriend or something, but really, you just tap your targets as the pop out from behind cover.
    It sounds simplistic, but the great cartoon feel, over-the-top storyline, and wide range of unlockables provide excellent bite-sized gameplay.

    Gunman Clive

    Gunman Clive is a throwback to early 2D platformers — we're talking NES difficulty and mechanics. Run, jump, and shoot as Clive makes his way through traps, puzzles, and enemy gunmen. The control design reminded me a lot of NES with its directional pad and two button interface — responsive and easy to control.
    In an arena of mostly flashy, cutting-edge graphics, the monochromatic visual art design might be enough to cause you to overlook this dusty gem. This game isn't about great graphics — it's about challenging gameplay and a soothing soundtrack. Be prepared to lose track of time as you try just one more time to reach the end of the stage.
    Adding to the retro feel and offering a nice change to the norm, Gunman Clive does not require any device permissions, does not have any in-app purchases, and does not display any ads.

    Into The Dead 2

    best android fps games
    Into The Dead 2 is a sequel of amazing action runner and zombie shooter from PIKPOK. A zombie head shooting track and field’s hurtling random baggage looting free-to-play endless running and gunning game extravaganza. anybody familiar with the original title will be right at home or a dilapidated farmhouse yes pikpok is at it again with an endless runner formula. A free to play MOD APK with Into The Dead 2 MOD APK Offline for Unlimited Money so you can purchase all weapons and companion easily.

    An engaging story and run for your life dodging,jumping and shooting your way through levels. all this to talk on a walkie-talkie. Running and moving with gun in hand felt great and popping shots at zombies gave me a sadistic enjoyment. initially I yearn for a manual reload then I discover the strategy gameplay within do I use my last bullet or cigs AK across a zombie infested farmland. you can gun perks such as faster reloads, then collect loot to level up your weapons gain a companion.

    Trainer.io Offline Fortnite

    Trainer.io Mod Apk Offline Fortnite
    Trainer.io MOD APK is an offline battle royale game just like fortnite. Its like Offline Fortnite Game on Android. Developed and released by Navo Games its their only game which is available on the play store. Its mainly created for shooting fun and training base. You can practice your aim,train yourself by building forts just like fortnite. You can have all weapons carried in your bag along with Unlimited ammo. What you have to do in Trainer.io MOD APK is that use your favorite weapons and kill enemies.

    There are two modes available right now. Offline and online, In offline mode you can kill bots and in online MODE you can kill real time enemies. There are so many different modes as well which you will not find anywhere else. you can also set GOD MODE ON or OFF from the main menu. Well developers gave an option to play as god mode in their game. Its feels like they just want us to have fun killing and creating massacre in the game. Apart from battle royale mode there are different modes like kill them all,rocket royale and much more. all these modes will give you unlimited ammo and unlocked all weapons. The only thing you can unlock with IAPs are Characters. which are already unlocked in Trainer.io mod apk. SEE HERE: Far Cry 5 Apk + Data Obb v10.4.7.9 Free Download

    Resident Evil 5

    best android fps games
    RESIDENT EVIL : 5  is location of the africa with retailers and forestal and unorganic guns with new features and stylished guns with more powerful of previous version of resident evil.
    Some types of new threats  are barriers of you and apponent of the game .
    The heros of this game is Alice . She was full actionable killing the zombies with new styles and damm powers.
    Its is a Android game users and developed by the  NVIDIA LightSpeed Studios and the publisher of this game google play store and services. It's an android best action game that attracts the visitors and easy to play with new features  . This game last launched on the 23th November 2016  and 5 Millions are downloaded on play store.

    So preceding are Top 19 Best First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games for Android. With these android games you will unquestionably have lots of fun with your android device and also, you can break out your friends score record to have a more fun-filled adventure of gaming. Don’t forget to share these cool games with others too. And also, tell us your favorite game in a comment box below.
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