Live or Die Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download For Android

Live or Die Survival MOD Unlimited Money
Live or Die survival Mod Apk is yet another LDOE clone with survival gameplay. Live Or Die APK MOD is from PRIDEGAMESSTUDIO OU PLC and they are behind successful games like survival islands. Here you will fight zombies,unnatural creatures and survive as long as possible. You can use Live Or Die Survival MOD APK Unlimited money and free craft materials and all. 

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Game Info
Name: Live or Die Survival
Version: 0.1.228
Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
Size: 91MB

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download Best survival Game Live or Die survival MOD APK 0.1.228

The basic quest here lies in its title. game is about survival and gathering materials to craft weapons and shelter. Simple 2.5D gameplay just like LDOE but graphics looks little downgraded. you can expect all other features like raiding villages,hunt for supplies,build shelters with traps,kill enemies including zombies. There is an open world map where you can visit to get most of the rare supplies. since you will be using MOD APK of Live Or Die survival you will have Unlimited money and talent points.
In post apocalyptic world the survival is the only option. Gather best supplies and get ready for the zombie attacks. Graphics and animations looks good in compare to other crappy ldoe clones. if you are tired of LDOE then you should give live or die a try. Its beautiful and you can expect more amazing features in the future. wasteland full of deadly creatures are lurking. yo
u can craft different weapons to take down enemies. since its a survival game you will have Unlimited ammo with you so its an easy option to clear out the areas full of enemies. Live of Die MODDED APK got one more features about max level. so you do not have to level up your character. simply use MOD APK and get your high end gears.
Who wants to live, want freedom!
PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are two of the most exciting survival games on mobile. With shooting role-playing, and a lot of other fun features, these two games are always at the top of the mobile game in general and survival genre in particular. What if you were bored with the shooting genre? Pride Studio recently released a game full of humanity: Live or Die: Survival. Just as the name of the game has said, live or die depends on your choice. This is a lightweight mobile game that has a unique storyline, depth and a lot of mystery.
Live or Die Survival MOD Unlimited Money


The explosion of a strange virus has made everyone around you become scary zombies. With hazardous biological weapons, many died. Those who survived and did not mutate into the few zombies, including you. You need to fight against them to protect yourself. Players will be taken to a deserted island, filled with scary things. Do not worry; you will be provided important knowledge to survive in this dead land. The battle for your life will be full of violence and blood. You have to survive to find the cause of the pandemic and overcome this horrible story.
Live or Die Survival MOD Unlimited Money

How to play Live or Die Survival MOD

You have to survive until you find a zombie killer. The thing you need to do is build a base to protect yourself and upgrade your equipment, weapons to increase strength. The first is about making a base; you will choose a building, then it will tell you what materials you need. Then navigate through the menu provided in the left corner of the screen to go and bring them back. This will help you shelter during the apocalypse, where your armour needs to rest, and the zombies are around you. Try to build a base quickly, upgrade walls or towers to increase safety.
Live or Die Survival MOD Unlimited Money
And with each level of play, the zombies will mutate and become stronger, which will make you more difficult to destroy them. However, you still have a solution, the game will provide you with a system to build and upgrade weapons. You need to create new weapons and equipment. Upgrade them, so they have higher stats. The destruction of zombies will not be difficult anymore. The apocalypse is approaching, the deadlands outside there are many places to explore, and there you will be able to find new things. Get out there and look for more teammates, abandoned laboratories or old military bases. It will be a haven for this pandemic.
Live or Die Survival MOD Unlimited Money


Even though it’s just the 2D level, Live or Die: Survival MOD still has its own charm. With the third view from above, players will have a more comprehensive view of the surrounding space. In darker tones, players will feel the most frightening thing in the dark. From the sounds of insects or the roar of the zombies. It can be said, Life or Die: Survival is a copy of Last Day on Earth: Survival and The Outlived. However, the game has a lot of differences that you have to try to know. The game also offers a huge mission system for players to explore and immerse themselves in the dead. You will receive unique rewards and help you a lot to fight the scary zombies.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Max Level
Unlimited Money
Infinity Talent Points
Character stats wont decrease

Live or Die Survival MOD APK 0.1.228 FREE DOWNLOAD

Live or Die Survival Mod Apk - DOWNLOAD HERE (91MB)

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