How To Connect Premium Hammer Vpn Canada Servers MTN Cheat (Without Root)

Hello friends, I hope we have been enjoying the hell out of MTN Hammer VPN Free browsing cheat, because I can boldly tell you that I have used close to 50GB since I posted it on this blog.

MTN Hammer VPN Free Browsing Cheat is still working since we discovered it. Free servers in the app are limited to 300MB per day, except you bypass it, while Premium Hammer VPN servers are unlimited, more than 900GB can be used, valid for a month. We are going to learn how to connect Premium Hammer VPN Canada Servers for MTN 0.00k on Non-Rooted devices.

How To Get Premium Hammer VPN Canada Servers

Hammer Vpn Canada Servers Premium For MTN Cheat

In this post, I will teach you how to get Premium Canada server for Non-ROOTED ANDROID PHONE ONLY. Without saying more, let's get down to the full settings right about now.

How To Get Premium Hammer VPN Canada Servers

1: Download Hammer VPN 2.1.7 Here  [9.64MB] (It enables Canada Server)

2: Go to your Phone’s settings and scroll down to “Developer Options” and scroll down to “DON’T KEEP ACTIVITIES” and enable it.

Note: If  “Developer option” isn't seen in your device, kindly go to “ABOUT PHONE” and tap on “BUILD NUMBER” 7 times, you'll get it. Head back and follow the 2 steps above.

3: Launch your Hammer VPN app and select servers, you'll see PREMIUM CANADA from the options of the server. Only Hammer VPN 2.1.7 because is the app version that has access to the Canada server

4. Input your valid PREMIUM USERNAME and PASSWORD. On the Report, input 8080 as port and on the Lport, insert 9210 as Port. And leave UDP.

5: Tap "CONNECT" and Scroll down from the Top of your screen to monitor the VPN connection, ones it's “Authenticating“, Minimise the app so that you wouldn't get “app not available in your country” error.

6. It should be connected by now and you can browse unlimited with your premium account.

NOTE: Everytime you disconnect and exit the app, it will reverse all the settings back to default servers. You will then have to uninstall and install Hammer VPN and fill in your details and ports again.

This works like magic and blazing like jet. It's what I am using to post this now.
I hope this article on how to get premium hammer vpn canada servers is helpful? If you experience any issue or want us to help you with somethings, kindly drop the complaint below for instant solution.

How To Connect Premium Hammer Vpn Canada Servers MTN Cheat (Without Root) How To Connect Premium Hammer Vpn Canada Servers MTN Cheat (Without Root) Reviewed by Anonymous on 2/25/2019 Rating: 5

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