How To Play PPSSPP Multiplayer With PSP For Android And PC

PPSSPP Multiplayer With PSP

I will show you how to activate and Play PPSSPP Multiplayer Mode with PSP for Android/PC. Here you will also learn how to setup ppsspp game to play multiplayer mode with your friends. 
Playing multiplayer in PPSSPP Emulator is very easy to perform. You can join your Android device with your friend mobile phone too and get the best gaming experience.

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How To Setup Multiplayer With PSP For Android And PC

Simply follow the guidelines below and apply to the instructions.

How To Play PPSSPP Multiplayer With PSP For Android 

1. Download Latest PPSSPP App for free HERE

2. First connect the two android devices,making one as HOTSPOT and the other as WIFI

3. Open PPSSPP, go to Networking, and check Enable networking/Wlan.
4. The Host must check the Enable built-in prô ad hoc server. Clients doesn't need to check this. (New feature as of PPSSPP 1.0)
5. Change prô ad hoc server IP address = must be the hosts' IP for example:
PC & Android
* If your're using a router or portable wifi hotspot. The generated IP for example (check the router settings for the generated IP, check the host's IP only).
* If you're using an Android Wifi Hotspot, the default IP is
6. MAC Address = Can be any combination if you want to shuffle it just press it and it will randomly make mac address for you. Just make sure that you don't have the same mac addresses.
7. Save and that's it all.


How To Play PPSSPP Multiplayer With PSP For PC 

1. Open cmd command prompt, type "ipconfig" and press enter.
2. ipv4 is your local ip (ex. ipv4 IPs should start 192.168.x.xxx)
3. The Host must copy his own IPv4 IP and the other users must also copy your IP.
4. As always run PPSSPP and go to Networking. Host must enable built-in ad hoc, enable wlan, shuffled mac address, paste the IP on prô ad hoc server IP address, any MAC Address is preferable.
5. Go Time. Launch your game and go Multiplayer mode and thats it have fun playing :D (Android users can also join just follow step 4 and 5)

Remember that you can also activate multiplayer mode on PES 2018 ISO. You can also activate multiplayer mode on FIFA 2018 ISO and other PES and FIFA games using the above steps on your device.

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