13 Amazing Android and iOS Games in Soft Launch To Play Now

Gamestechy has given lovers of android games and iOS games an opportunity explore upcoming android & ios games in Soft Launch. This badass games are achingly breath-taking, addictive and for the most part gorgeous so as you scroll down the lists of games below showed by soft launched gamers remember to comment and share what you think with other gamers.

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We expect to see many more in the near future from well-known developers like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and Codemasters.
Here are the 13 upcoming Android games we’re most excited about, in categories like adventureactionracing, and more.

Latest Android and iOS Games in Soft Launch

Armed Heist

Armed Heist is an addictive third-person cover-based shooter gamplay, and as the game goes “Armed Heist” it’s centered around robbery and baptism of fire –it tasks you with becoming the best gosh darned armed robber around the city walls, states and country around the globe.
Armed Heist trailer has just arrived! But at the get go of this game, it didn’t have a trailer that was ready for the fans/lovers of the game, but you can see animate gifs, short videos showing some in-gameplay footage of Armed Heist that shows something intriguing about this game.

Age of Magic

Advance into the fantasy world of absolute magic and power! Age of magic is a turn-based RPG with variety of collection and upgradable heroes, where you have to join force with great team to defeat the forces of darkness and attack opponents in the arena.
The gameplay is a groundbreaking 3D RPG forge in the marvelous spirit world, with combining intense PVE, PVP battles, Guild Bosses challenges and more. Pack of magician will do whatever it takes to bring back victory!

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

Assassins Creed Rebellion MOD APK has intriguing characters featured as it were in the movie, but in a style quasi-cartoon. It’s packed up with legendary assassins like: Shao Jun, Ezio Auditore, Aguilar and what not. There are other interesting characters with unassailable plays from the previous console or that of PC AC games.
In Assassin’s Creed Rebellion MOD APK there are game currencies such as Helix Credits and woods that arr mostly used to unlock new heroes and other intriguing items but gamers can’t have Assassins Creed Rebellion for Unlimited Money, not one bit. Although the game is catchy.


Durango Wild Lands a pure nature of adventure play developed by NEXON Company. Well it’s quite a hell of a game but it’s a closed Beta test that is available now.
If you join the world of absolute adventure now in advance to experience a massive sandbox open-world exposure you’ll be disposed to crafting, building, battling and more other sweet sound of a survival life-style.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land 

Image result for The Walking Dead No Man's Land APK
The walking Dead: No Man’s Land as the name goes is an awesome zombie apocalypse pastime where you have to play with Daryl, Michonne, Rick and many other thrilling characters of AMC’s The Walking Dead.
The pastime is a thrilling action-packed RPG where every move you make is between life and death. It’s a war where all is fair, you must struggle to survive either by hook or by crook –all means is a way! Only the brave heart will survive in this one so make strict positive but yet strategic plans.

PUBG Mobile

Official PUBG on Mobile!
Wow! Were on the hit part of the article where we have to bring to you all the most compelling games of all time. PLAYEREUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is one of the most intriguing gameplay on android/iOS. It’s the original battle Royale game which is now available so grasp at this opportunity.
In PUBG  you have 100 players parachute onto a remote 8m8 km island and players have to locate and scavenge their own weapons, supplies, vehicles and eliminate every player in a graphically and tactically high quality battleground that compelling players to shudder while they advance into a shrinking play zone.
Are you ready for some real shit? Yeah! Get your ass ready to loot, land and do whatever it takes to survive in a fierce environment and fight your way through to be the last man standing. 

Asphalt 9: Legends

Gameloft is best known for creating games that dubiously resemble popular console titles, but everyone is totally okay with that, because in most cases, they end up being the closest thing we have to said console game on mobile. Asphalt 9: Legends is the studio’s latest answer to the Need for Speed franchise, and its engine is already running over in the Philippines. iOS users in the territory are currently enjoying more than 50 vehicles, 70 tracks complete with realistic weather effects, and a car editor for adding personal touches to their fleet.

 Final Fantasy Awakening

Square Enix is getting plenty of mileage out of Final Fantasy on mobile these days, but fans should be bracing themselves for more. The studio has licensed the property out to Oasis Games so it can undergo the action-RPG treatment and offer a faster-paced experience. Final Fantasy Awakening boasts a huge cast of characters comprising many familiar faces from the legendary series and also features online play. Android and iOS users in the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand can download the soft-launch edition now.

 Marvel Strike Force

Marvel fans assemble! A new mobile game based on the bestselling comic books and phenomenally popular movie series is on the way, and it will let you make like Nick Fury and build your own version of the Avengers.
 The idea is to put together a crack team of Marvel superheroes and villains and pit them against other teams in 5v5 strategic brawls. The fate of the world is hinging on these battles, and players in Canada and New Zealand are already fighting their own personal infinity wars.

 Pac-Man Maker

Players delivered all kinds of ingenious creations when they were given the tools to build their own Super Mario levels, s
o it will be interesting to see what the community comes up with when Pac-Man gets the same treatment. Pac-Man Maker basically does everything it says on the tin: lets players create their own mazes for the pill-popping hero to explore, complete with ghosts and random pieces of fruit. The end results can be shared online so you can laugh your ass off while others die more times than in a Dark Souls marathon, trying to beat your creation.

Shadowgun Legends

Generally speaking, Madfinger Games has a reputation for making first-person shooters that look beautiful but aren’t exactly brimming with substance. Its latest offering Shadowgun Legends is more ambitious than anything its churned out to date, promising the same glossy, Unity-powered visuals but this time with something meaningful underpinning them. Shadowgun Legends is a console-quality shooter with a spattering of RPG mechanics to add depth to the gunplay, and a real-time PvP arena for those who prefer killing other players to alien monsters. This is one of the most eagerly anticipated mobile games on the horizon, and if you live in the Netherlands, you can take an early look at it now.

 Dead Rivals

Gameloft’s derivative handiwork again, and this time the studio has combined your classic zombie apocalypse with MMORPG values in Dead Rivals. The game is action-driven and set against a vast, open-world backdrop where players are forced to band together with other survivors to discover the cause of the outbreak. Players in the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand are already battling the undead.


Ubisoft’s Rocksmith straddles the divide between Guitar Hero and actual music tuition, challenging users to play along with songs and learn from the bum notes they hit. The iPad edition, which comes bundled with four free tracks, is currently on soft launch in Canada. 
There are interactive lessons for guitarists and bass players and more songs can be downloaded through in-app purchases.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The magic of JK Rowling’s wizarding world is coming to Android devices with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, an adventure game with old-school point-and-click elements, RPG components and narrative-based puzzles. Players will learn everything there is to know about witchcraft and wizardry from some of the best teachers in this business. Just try not to get on the wrong side of Professor Snape. And stay out of the Chamber of Secrets.
These are the some of best amazing iOS and android games to keep an eye out for, although we’re sure plenty of other interesting titles will make their debut this year. Have we missed any major ones? Let us know in the comments!

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