Perfect Trick To Get Free Grammarly Premium Account 2018 (7 METHODS) 100% Working

Perfect Trick To Get Free Grammarly Premium Account 2018 


(100% Working)

premium grammerly account free

Grammarly premium account:- Are you interested to know more about  Grammarly premium freeIn this post, I show you how to get Grammarly premium for freeIf you want, then show our post. There are 6000 languages in the world, and the people are communicating in own words. When they talk each other at that time grammar must be used. Grammarly is the best tool for it. It is must use the device for every student, bloggers, and English writer. You can improve your writing style try Grammarly premium for freeTo access the premium grammerly account free which helps to improve your writing skill all grammatical errors. Some error is correct punctuation, tenses, passive voice to active voice, etc.

While I find any grammatical mistake in a post, I feel unhappy. To handle this situation I am using proof-reading tools and correct the grammar by manually.So, it takes more time, then I find the Grammarly tool, Which solves all problems.

premium grammerly account free

What is Grammarly  Premium?

Are you sure to write correct English without errors?  For test purpose than Grammarly is a way to correct your writing errors.  It checks the numerous errors either spelling mistakes or Grammarly error. It also reviews the tenses, verbs subject or anything else. So the Grammarly is the perfect solution and top one grammar correction tool in the world.
This is demonstrated like a human that finds your errors and provides correct solutions. It works anywhere whether the blog post, email, messaging and also find errors the text file.
If you were using this tool, your writing skill automatically increased. Because this tool run continuously in the background and it indicates the mistake. However, it needs the internet connection.  The free version of Grammarly is correction some errors, but premium version corrects more errors.
Are you interested how much does Grammarly premium cost? If yes, then follow the below plan.
  • Monthly Plan  $29.95 / month
  • Quarterly Plan  $19.98 / month  Billed as one payment of $59.95
  • Annual Plan  $11.66 / month  Billed as one payment of $139.95
It is the Grammarly premium cost., Which is not impossible for a student to purchase.

A short review of Grammarly premium.

Let’s know the how to beginning of this application. This is the World’s best grammar enhancement tool. It launched in the year 2008 by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn. Not only to check the grammatical errors but also it checks plagiarism. After four years it is progress and set up its San-Francisco headquarters in 2012.

Comparison of Grammarly Premium and Grammarly Free Account

The Grammarly crack or the free accounts cannot be set alongside the premium as everybody knows the worthiness of the premium is actually a VIP standard. With the Grammarly free account consideration, you merely get limited usage of other premium features in the above list.
With Grammarly premium, your writing is secure with mistake free. You’ll have a whole lot of VIP treatment when compared with the trial offer.
Grammarly premium provides you a free of charge Grammarly gain access to the code to gain access to all added features of the VIP accounts.

Grammarly Premium Features

Premium Grammarly like a digital English teacher, it is to correct grammar and spelling by detecting more than 250 mistakes. It also takes your grammar to the next level.A unique content or blog post consists of some sentence, grammar, punctuation, etc. These are the central theme of content to make flawless.All of these precious cover the tool “Grammarly Premium.”Some features of Grammarly Premium.
#a) Correction The Grammar
In Grammarly free account only correct  150 critical grammar and spelling.However, in premium, you get 250 to more advanced grammar and spelling checks.  Much error is checking so the article should be error free for reader and listener.
#b) Show of Alternative word
In the premium version of Grammarly help to add some word repetition.  That is means use the “alternative word” and make fantastic readability score of your content. It contributes to making your article SEO based.
#c) Plagiarism checker
In premium version of  Grammarly add new features that are “Plagiarism checker”. Check your content and make it unique.How does it work?  The Grammarly algorithm detected the sentence that posted some else before on any blog. You can quickly change the sentence and generate a unique article.
#d) Show example for easy understand
In the paid version also correct errors as well as show an example of understanding.Sometimes  A beginner’s English writer not know what wrong in his article. This time guide to writing the correct sentence to show some example.

How to Get Grammarly Premium for Free

Also, you read the topic about Grammarly Premium Features.Are you interested to use it is Premium features? The premium is costly,for a new user; it is not possible to spend money on this type of tool.
Don’t worry; I have to Share an idea to get Grammarly Premium subscription for free. I  share four ways to get Grammarly premium free.

#1) Grammarly Premium account ID and password

  • This is best and easiest ways to use Grammarly premium account for free.
  • You do not need to spend any money to use Grammarly.
  • Just see the below table and get login email and password.
  • Just visit Grammarly official site and log in the email and password which got form below
Password- tech123
Notes – Plz don’t change the email and password. Some email doesn’t work correctly due to many users uses login ID and password.
The above Grammarly premium account update on 16/01/2018. you can use it now and it works correctly.Let ‘s enjoy Grammarly account for the lifetime.

#2)Get Grammarly Premium Account Via Using Flikover

if you don’t what is Flikover then I told about this websites. The Flikover is a type of websites which provided seo tool at cheap rates than the real price.You can find a lot of tool like Semrush, Aherf, Grammarly premium etc. In this blog, must of the tool is paid but you can get Grammarly premium just spend Rs-150/ only. If you want this then follow the below step.
  • Complete the signup using below button.
  •  After complete, sign up you can see the dashboard Tab. Simply Scroll down and click on Grammarly visit tab.
Get Grammarly Premium Account Via Using Flikover
  • Now, install the Two extensions Flikover 1 and Fikover 2 one you Chrome Browser.
  • Buy the Grammarly product just spend Rs150/- and get Grammarly premium account lifetime.

3. Grammarly Premium Free Trial

I told you before, that there is no direct way for free Grammarly premium trial. You can either use the completely free version on your device or you must purchase the premium package for the advanced features. But, there is way, you can consider before looking anywhere ales.
Grammarly Premium Free Trial
Before going to the procedure, you should have a free account to proceed. Once, you log in to your account, just visit the Contact Page, then Payments and billing → I have another question and here you can request them a Grammarly free trial. Just say them, that you want to purchase a premium account. But before that, you need to check the features. That’s it.

4. Grammarly Premium Free Trial for 30 Days

There is a good news for you. If you’re a Blogger, Youtuber or Influencer and in the event that you may market Grammarly, then it’s possible to receive 30 days of Grammarly free of trial accounts. The fantastic thing is you will receive $20 for each premium user known by you. It means if it’s possible to push ten customers each month, then you may make $200/month.
Well, To accomplish this, you need to apply for Grammarly Affiliate Program, also when they approved one, You’d get 30 days of Grammarly premium free for trial. To apply for an affiliate account click here. Fillup the form and you are ready to go.

5. Grammarly Premium Free for Students

Grammarly for Educational Institutions offers free licenses for the students. According to the company, We are pleased to let you know that we have a solution called Grammarly@edu, which is specifically tailored for large organizations and schools. You are welcome to discover more and sign up for a free trial account at Grammarly@edu.
Grammarly Premium Free for Students
If you have an EDU email, then you can request them for a free account. To do that, just visit www.grammarly.com/edu on your browser and send them the requirements. In this way, you can easily get Grammarly premium account free.

6. Refer and Get Grammarly Premium Free for Lifetime

Get Grammarly Premium Free for Lifetime
This is the easiest way to get free Grammarly Premium account. It has a referral program. By using this, you can earn one week of premium subscription for each account joins you. If you don’t want to do any extra stuff for a paid account, then try this. First of all, you need a Free account. Create your free account by clicking on the below button.
Update – This method no longer works. Grammarly has recently removed the friend referral option. Unfortunately, the referral system is terminated, referral page doesn’t exist and invites friends in extension seems unavailable. There’s no other way to help everyone out with no-cost premium Grammarly benefits.

#7) Free Grammarly premium account for  Lifetime by Grammarly cookies

In this method you can use  get grammarly premium account for free by use grammarly cookies code . If  the above method not work then use this trick i sure you can get grammarly premium for free .
  • First download the  EditThisCookie extension on Google Chrome extension store and Add in to your   Chrome Browser.
grammarly edit this cookies
  • Now , Visit grammarly  cookies page and copy the all source code.

  • Next open Grammarly official page and hit on edit this cookies icon ( Right Corner side).
  • From There you can see a Delete Icon at the first option. Click on it.
delete grammarly cookies
  • Next, You have to Click on the 3rd option Import [⇒] and Paste all the Cookies by simple type Ctrl+ V.
Grammarly cookies import
  • After Pasting the Cookie Script Click on Green Color Tick [√] option Like below screenshot .Grammarly cookies add complete
  •  Refresh the Grammarly page. That’s it Now you can Enjoy! 

7. Grammarly Premium Free Access Code 2018

I got some free Grammarly Premium access codes while surfing the web. These codes will help you to get a premium subscription for Grammarly. I have personally tested these codes, and they are working fine. This procedure is only for new users. If you already have an account, then you have to create a new one to apply these access codes.
Use the details like, your Name, Email id, and password and then press the “Sign Up” button to create a new account. These codes are from different educational organizations, so you need an EDU account to apply these access codes to get Grammarly premium for Free.
On the next screen, it’ll as you to enter a Grammarly EDU access code to get Grammarly Premium account. Use any of the below code and try your luck. Once successfully applied, you’ll be able to use the premium account on your Windows and Mac system and also as a browser extension to check grammar errors.
Now, open your account. If, it is not asking you to upgrade your account, which means your account has been upgraded to a free version of Grammarly premium. If you get any problems using one of the codes above then clear your browser’s history and cookies, and try again with another email. You can also use Private browsing mode on your browser to create a new account.

How to Check that You Have a Grammarly Premium Account?

The first method is easy to get premium Grammarly for free without paying any money. But, how to verify that you have a paid subscription? This is so simple. You can check it on the browser extension or by logging into your account. When you log in to your account, you’ll see a “Blue Premium Badge” on the left side of your account. The same thing also happens with the extension. But, here you’ll see a Yellow Badge.

After successfully get the premium account you show the blue color premium banner on the Grammarly extension. If you face any problems for used any code, I suggest you clear browser’s history and cookies and try another email again. You can also use incognito browsing mode on your browser to create a new account.
Important Note: – 
Unfortunately, the above  steps do not work for you. Then please contact directly by Gmail.My gmail is yungwhezy4ever@gmail.com. I  send you to solve your problem as soon as possible.
If you want to learn English and improve your writing skills, then Grammarly is the best option for you. However, the biggest problem is money, which I have solved today. So learning English almost for free using Grammarly.

Final Thought

Grammarly premium is a good ad on for each and every browser. Best for enterprise and small enterprises. Who need needs this expansion? Everyone needs the expansion except you do not write anything. Moreover, the main thing is the fact that the Grammarly crack or the Grammarly premium free accounts also works for Microsoft office with easy integration.
Simply follow their instructions after using the above solutions to get the Grammarly crack or to get Grammarly premium free account today

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